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About Us

Emma - Owner Kali - Director of Operations
Emma Maxwell
Kali Grostefon
Director of Operations
Emma continuously seeks ways in which to provide better service and opportunities for both our guests and our team members. Her key role is purchasing and business development for the shop and has an absolute passion for creating a loving environment not only for those who come in our door but also for those who are part of the team. Starting at Persimmon as a vendor herself with Bungalow House Studio, she understands the key roles of supporting local businesses. Emma lives in Indy with her wonderful husband and they are expecting their first child in November of this year. If you come into the shop you may see Emma working around in the back near our event space, which is also the Bungalow Studio. She loves to greet our guests to make them feel like they belong here! 

Kali takes a key role in allowing Persimmon to continue to grow in a healthy way. She has so many talents in problem solving and logistics. There is nearly a new talent to be discovered everyday with this woman from organizing our showroom creatively to making the back end of our business function smoothly. Kali also comes to Persimmon from Bungalow House Studio and understands the key roles small businesses play in making Persimmon the unique shop that it is. Kali lives in Northern Indy with her wonderful husband. She is a loyal friend, loves each of our guests so well, and always is willing to take on a challenge. If Kali is in the shop, you will know it, and she will make sure you feel welcome!

Tori - Marketing Intern

Tori Hamilton
Marketing Intern

Tori worked with Persimmon previously and continued working throughout our transition of ownership. She is a school teacher during the day and is taking on more and more responsibilities with the shop. Tori started as one of our store associates and was willing to take on a challenge to lead our social media. We can’t wait to see how her role will continue to grow within Persimmon! When Tori is in the shop, you may hear some humming along to our music and will certainly find lots of laughter!