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Our Story

Persimmon Avenue was founded in 2020.

After nearly 25 years in the corporate world, Cindy Jarecki, had the opportunity to express herself creatively and she jumped in with all her heart! Hospitality and creating beautiful spaces was a natural talent for Cindy and she grew a passion to start a business to share this with others. She soon translated this talent into making all her customers feel welcome and started Persimmon Avenue in the midst of 2020. With a desire to source her products locally, she continuously scouted and selected teams of talented local makers with plans to support them and source as much from them as possible. As her family continued to grow she desired to spend her time intentionally with her beautiful grandkids. She officially sold the business in April of 2023 and all her time and energy has poured into her family since!

Persimmon Avenue gets a new owner in 2023. 

In 2023, Cindy passed the reins to Emma Maxwell. Emma and her husband, purchased Persimmon Avenue with the desire to continue the legacy that Cindy started. Emma previously worked as an Architectural Designer at a residential firm in Indy and then started her stationery business, Bungalow House Studio. Her experience as designer and founder herself created the perfect scenario to take on Persimmon as a shop that pairs both of her passions, home design and partnerships with local small businesses. Emma brought on her business partner, Kali Grostefon, from Bungalow House Studio. With the support of their incredible husbands, Emma and Kali share the passion to create an intentional and loving environment for their growing and talented team. They recognize each day is an opportunity to grow in grace for one another and to spur one another to produce work with Beauty, Integrity, and Excellence.