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Persimmon Avenue, not just another shop

A serendipitous meeting, stationery, and lots of smiles. That was the humble beginning of transforming one grand home décor shop in the heart of historic downtown Noblesville.

Originally founded in 2019 new ownership began in 2023 by a young female entrepreneur with a background in architectural design and art. The destination shop called, Persimmon Avenue grew relationships with many unique artisans across the town to sell their goods exclusively in the shop. The mission of the shop grew to become the top destination for quality products made by the most talented artisans in the country help you create the lifestyle you'll love. 

Believing that the products being offered should hold a high standard of excellence, there was a need to take a step back in order to provide the quality desired. The story of a product doesn't start on the shelves of a store or listing of a website, it starts with an idea. It starts with the maker, artisan, creative, woodworker, author, the human behind it. This lead to some very strategic but necessary next steps.

Storefront Closing

On May 31st, 2024 - Persimmon Avenue closed it's doors at its historic downtown Noblesville location.

As a new mom, the owner made the intentional decision to take a step back and prioritize her growing family. By evaluating the direction of the business and savoring the new season of motherhood, the next steps of Persimmon Avenue have yet to be made public but the mission has not been lost.

When the news is ready to be made public, the loyal customer following via email list will be the first to know and the website will also be updated. Until then, the motto of Persimmon Avenue remains as "Intentional Living for Everyday."

Published: June 20, 2024

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